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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 3, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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get two losers up here, folks. [ laughter ] >> we're just having fun. >> bret: if they all could be just like that. maybe these guys could figure it all out. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and and unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, house republicans send the president a fiscal cliff counter offer. but will it break the stalemate? plus, searching for answers. after police say a pro-football player murdered his girlfriend. then offed himself. >> this is a real tragedy, horrible tragedy. >> it's been a very big for our challenge and for our family. >> shepard: now, witnesses and police describing how it happened.
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>> they talked for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >> tonight questions about the motive and what went down before the shooting began? >> plus, the race to save a little girl. >> we have searched for these -- the location of these individuals, both locally and out of state. >> a mother accused of sneaking her sick daughter out of the hospital and if doctors don't soon treat the girl, police say she could be dead within days. and wonder what you a dutches for her baby shower. prince william's wife kate is expecting a child. tonight great britain prepares to welcome a future monarch. but first from fox this monday night. the murder-suicide that has stunned pro-football. the kansas city chief players and fans warning after the linebacker belcher shot his girlfriend to death and then killed himself. there is so much more to this story. now we are hearing from both sides from both families for
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the first time. it all happened on saturday morning. somebody reporting a shooting at the home that belcher shared with his girlfriend. >> early 20s female. she has been shot about three or four times one in the chest, one in the neck and one in the abdomen. >> shepard: she was cassandra perkins, belcher's girlfriend and mother of his daughter. she died at the hospital. 10 minutes later as police -- after they responded to that shooting, they say they arrived at arrowhead stadium where the chiefs play. the team's general manager and the coach reportedly just gotten a call to head out to the parking lot and they say when they got there they came face to face with their player, belcher. he had a gun in his hand. he pointed it at his head. police say people were pleading with him don't do it. don't pull the trigger. >> we got two coaches, one other employee here who is
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trying to beg with this guy. >> shepard: their words had no effect. the general manager and the general manager said belcher thanked them for giving a chance in the nfl. as police were just arriving. witnesses say belcher ducked behind the vehicle in that parking lot and shot himself. >> shots fired. one hit. >> there are no reports of any suicide note. no explanation at all of why javon belcher did this. but, tonight, obvious questions about his mental health. whether he may have taken too many hard hits. that's just speculation. one of belcher's friends tells a sports blog called dead spin after game last month belcher was dazed and couldn't remember what had happened the day before or at least before the game. steve brown is on fox top story. is he live in our midwest bureau tonight. what sort of signs of trouble before this shooting? anything? >> about the allegations that belcher had had head trauma or
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concussions, both the team and the league said there is no concussion history that they have on this man. and that he was never held out of a game because of a concussion. about the relationship between belcher and perkins, fox 4 our affiliate in kansas city spoke with friends and said saturday morning there was an argument and over her late return from a concert. and then the shots were fired. it really didn't make any sense to belcher's family. his aunt lives in the kansas city area. she read this statement for cameras today: we will cherish the wonderful memories we of have of javon and pray that those memories bring us peace as we grapple to understand the unpredictable end of his life and the life of cassandra perkins. back on long island west babylon where belcher was from. makeshift memorial to figure out how the local man who made good ended up going so wrong. >> family man, a loving person, and that's somebody
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that you want to keep around as a role model. >> he was like somebody to look up to around here that you know, made it to something big, you know? >> this was a guy who was undrafted come out of the university in 2009 and made an nfl team and stuck with it for four years. he was a success story until early saturday morning. shep? >> shepard: then a day later his team had to go play football. >> y. and nfl players live a very structured life. basically coming up on saturday if you have got a game on sunday, there is a sequestering of the players all in one hotel usually. even when they are playing at home there is a endless series of meetings and meals together. then you are off to the stadium. the thought was by the players who vote unanimously hey, let's stick with this. we will will deal with this grief a little bit later on. when game came to a close kansas city won after having a less than happy season so far on the field, a lot of thoughts transferred to javon and to what it is that he did leading up to the early morning hours of saturday and left behind a three month old
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girl named zoey. >> we just want her to understand you know, one point in time she may have some questions later on in life and we want her to understand how much she is loved and, you know, not reflect back on an event like this and, you know, look on it a negative way. hopefully she can understand, try to find a peace with it and move forward with her life. >> a fund is being together. details expected later this week to support the child financially who will be raised by her mother's parents, shep? >> shepard: four current or former nfl players have killed themselves just this year. this spring, investigators said that former san diego charger's great linebacker junior saoi his wife says he suffered several concussions during his career. the former safety ray easterly also killed himself with a gun.
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he was part of a lawsuit challenging the nfl's handling of concussion-related injuries. family members said he had dementia. just last year the former chicago bears safety dave deurson requested that his brain be donated to science to study the long-term effects of concussions. that was before investigators say he shot himself in the chest. and the scientists who examined deurson's brain as well as junior. researches at boston university report they investigated brain samples from 85 people all of whom had histories of brain injuries. they claim 80% of those brains showed signs of a certain type of brain disease that cause memory loss, depression and dementia. almost all of those brains they say belong to athletes. but scientist its say they don't have enough evidence to prove that the hits on the field caused the brain disease. earlier today on "studio b," a doctor suggested we have
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reached a point where parents really should think twice before even allowing their kids to play football. >> parents that are watching today need to be highly suspicious and highly cautious about having their kids participate in high school football, either if they don't get the right test done, if they are not followed frequently and certainly to make sure that the right protection is put in place to at least absorb some of the shock. >> there is also the question of some pro-athletes developing brain diseases while others don't. to determine that, scientists say they need to study the brains of more athletes. well, the fiscal cliff now. republicans are proposing a brand new plan to prevent the so-called falling off of that cliff. the automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that are set to kick in on the first of the year. the proposal counters one from the white house which republics deemed a joke. the g.o.p. plan would at least for now extend the bush era tax cuts including those cuts for the wealthiest americans it proposes raising
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$800 billion from tax reform over the course of the decade. and includes more than a trillion dollars in spending cuts. but monday none of them he really detailed. in addition the plan called for changes to the so-called entitlement programs, increasing the eligibility age for medicare and lowering the annual cost of living hikes for social security hikes. flu our -- put theirs on the table and dared republicans to do the same. >> they have done that tonight. the officials saying that the counter offer is ridiculous. they are hammering the fact that there is not enough in terms of tax revenue. that there is too much in terms of spending cuts. also limited detail as you noted about those spending cuts. another thing republicans leave out raising the nation's debt ceiling which would be coming due again early next year. jay carney says all of this means it's a nonstarter. take a listen. >> it is entirely unacceptable to it have a repeat performance of what the
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american people washed with horror in the summer of 2011, which was a willingness by a minority of the overall assemblage of lawmakers on capitol hill to hold the american economy hostage, to threaten default on the american economy. >> the bottom line tonight is that white house officials are telling me unless john boehner admits that basically the president won the election, and that, in fact, taxes have to go up, in terms of tax rates have to go up on the rich, the president is prepared to see the nation go off the fiscal cliff, shep. >> shepard: what's the thinking on whether they can actually come together at some point here, ed? >> right now it's pretty dim. if you look at what speaker john boehner said in that exclusive interview with our own chris wallace on "fox news sunday." he said right now there are nowhere in these talks. other serious republicans like lindsey graham says he thinks we are edging closer to closer to this just being in calamity. >> i think we are going over the cliff. it's pretty clear to me that
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they made a political calculation. >> he believes we are likely to go of 00 cliff now. the bottom line is tonight the president is hosting congressional leaders for this congressional ball. basically a black tie holiday party. maybe they will start talking about compromise but so far none in site. ed henry live on the north lawn. prince william's wife kate in the hospital because of problems with her just announced pregnancy. just ahead what we have learned about this condition and this new kid coming along. plus a dolphin attacks a little girl at sea world with a bite strong enough to draw blood. you will see the extraordinary video and the response from both the girl's parents. that's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. i am the ghost of cookies past. residue. so gross. well you didn't use new pam, so it looks like you're "stuck" with me. that's a really good one.
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>> shepard: grirn may want to start building a paparazzi-proof delivery room somewhere because kate is
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pregnant. the british prime minister said he got an early tip about the news and really had a tough time keeping it to himself. >> it's absolutely wonderful news and i'm delighted for them. i'm sure they will make absolutely brilliant parents and i'm sure everyone around the country will be celebrating with them tonight. >> shepard: i'm sure they will. we don't yet know whether it's a boy or girl. we don't even know if it's one or two. the first one that comes out if there is more than one will be the third in line to the throne jumping over 21 people to get right behind prince charles and prince william. it's not all tea and crumb pets it turns out. kate is in hospital with very serious mourning sickness. in fact, the kind of mourning sickness that the fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt tells us sends you to the hospital for some time. i didn't know about this. >> you have all of these newspapers, web sites tv networks falling all over themselves with the excitement of this pregnancy. kate middleton's is not having a very good time. she is in the hospital. she was visited there by william himself today.
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she something treated for something called hyper emesis -- extreme form of mourning sickness. to call it mourning -- morning sickness is to call a bad cold really bad. this seems to have come on pretty quickly. because last week, just last week we saw kate out on the field hockey field playing in high heels there. it suddenly happened. but it is pretty bad. we're told that this pregnancy is less than 12 weeks old. and the -- it was only announced because she had to go into the hospital today. so, we'll see what happens next. they are saying at the moment she will just be in there for a few days. obviously she will will be watched very closely. she is a royal. >> shepard: a few hours ago when they had their evening news the brits are tickled. >> they are tickled. barely contain themselves.
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shear a few british people talking veryics he can sightedly in silly accents. >> very lovely couple having a child. wow, what a thing for the country and the world really because these royals are our future. >> i'm delighted because i just think a, she is kind of a normal person going to the royal family and i just think that's what we hope for her. i wish her a happy pregnancy. >> every detail of this pregnancy will be followed obsessively by the british press. even some of the so-called quality newspapers already wondering allowed -- aloud where this baby or babies may have been conceived. they say babies because this illness apparently happens more frequently to women who are carrying twins and then there is the betting on the baby names. john, charles, and george high up in the running for a boy. frances, victoria and diana for a girl. having some bets placed on them apparently at william brooklyn and
4:18 pm
chardonnay. personally i would go for blank. that's probably two double-barreled even for the royals. if she is a girl, she will be first in line to the throne after william. they changed the rules. used to be had a boy first in line. now the girl can get it too. >> shepard: congratulations, jonathan. >> a quality in britain. it's marvelous. >> shepard: thank you. former president george h.w. bush is still in the hospital tonight. his aides say doctors had planned to release him over the weekend. now they are keeping the 88-year-old former president in treatment because of what they call a nagging cough that won't go away. doctors have been treating him for 10 days now due to complications from bronchitis. a spokesman says president bush remains in good spirits. president bush 41 spent part of the day yesterday watching the houston texans clinch a spot in the nhl playoffs titans in tennessee. desperate search for 11-year-old cancer patient. cops claim this video shows
4:19 pm
her mother literally pulling her out of the hospital with the equipment even the iv still attached. and the big problem is, there is a piece of equipment in her heart. the race to find young emily is next. plus, a new twist in the case of the millionaire at the center of a massive murder investigation. is he the guy who claimed that somebody poisoned his dogs. and now he says he is on the move again. the mac afee man as fox reports live tonight. h my goodn! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab! i'm actually looking at the wo grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. at pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more.
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an 11-year-old getting cancer treatment at a hospital in
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arizona. cops say this surveillance video shows her mother sneaking her out of that hospital, a very dangerous move according to the doctors because the girl still has a potentially deadly piece of equipment in her heart. a nurse who spotted them called 911. they were actually by the front entrance and walked into the bathroom disconnected her from her iv and then just walked out the front door and got in the car. >> shepard: of course it isn't necessarily a crime for a parent to take that parent's child out of the hospital. but police say the mother's decision could kill her daughter within days. trace gallagher with the news in our west coast news hub this afternoon. trace, the big theory is she will get infection. >> yeah, because that catheter, shep, goes directly into her heart and it's not sealed off. it kind of acts, doctors say like an open wound making it very very likely that she could easily get an infection there. i want to once again show that surveillance video. look at emily's right arm. it was already amputated above
4:24 pm
the elbow. got infected during her leukemia treatment so she is already very prone to infengz. if it goes right to her heart, doctors say she could die very quickly which is why as you can imagine authorities are now scrambling tonight trying to find her. shep? >> shepard: tryst, do they have any theories on why the mom would have done this. >> well, she was supposed to be released from the hospital the very next day so police say there is always a chance mom might have thought that maybe she was ready you saw her carrying the iv out there is also a chance police think maybe she was unhappy with the treatment she was getting at that hospital and went to a different medical center. they say the odds of that are long because they not refur -- resurfaced. police have contacted dad. not even dad thoughs where they're. cops are doing different things tent. they are finally releasing the family's last name. it is brocamonte. now police are expanding the
4:25 pm
search. listen. >> we have information that they have relatives not just in mexico but also in california including arizona. they don't have one location they call home. they seem to move around all three areas. >> police say there is a chance the mother could be facing charges here that's kind of on the back burner now. they want to find this girl and get her into a doctor, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. thanks. the millionaire software mogul has been on the run from police claims he slipped out of the country. he was in belize tell the. he is in john mcafee the founder of the well known antivirus company of his name. investigators in belize say he is the person of interest in a shooting death of his neighbor. that neighbor had reportedly claimed about mcafee's dogs. then somebody poisoned those dogs and then the neighbor who did the complaining turned up dead. that all happened in a short period of time last month. and now in a news blog
4:26 pm
posting, mcafee claims he has alluded the police and staged a diversion in mexico police sources in belize believe he is right there in that country. mcafee has a history of making all kinds of wild claims. there is really no way to know whether he is telling the truth. president obama today warning syria it would be totally unacceptable for that regime to use chemical weapons to kill its own people. we will look at what the u.s. could actually do and the warning that comes with it if syria crosses that line. a live report coming up. plus, one month after former presidential candidate mitt romney lost the election, word he just scored himself a new job. and do you watch that show true blood? well, folks from the town where it is filmed have had to evacuate. not because of vampires, on the run. didn't do something stupid. how about six million pounds of explosives that are very
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>> shepard: there is this little girl who got in the way of a hungry dolphin and she says she thought it was going to bite her hand off. >> help you? >> i'm out of fish. >> oh. >> chomp. 8-year-old girl had lifted up that container to ask for more. not supposed to do that. this is why. the dolphin went right after
4:31 pm
it. instead it got her arm. but the animal seemed to realize she was not a snack and quickly let go. the girl wasn't badly hurt. her parents say they have posted the video online so supreme will understand the risk of feeding those dolphins. sea world, orlando released a statement saying this is why specifically warns visitors don't lift up those container. but she is just a little girl. she says she knows she made a mistake and hopes the dolphin didn't get sick from eating that paper con terror. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there will be consequences. if syria makes use of its chemical weapons. that was the warning today from president obama in a strongly worded statement to the syrian president bashar assad. of course the syrian regime has battled antigovernment rebels for nearly two years. activists say more than 40,000
4:32 pm
people have died during the fighting. but there is word the conflict could soon take a much darker turn. listen to this. u.s. intelligence officials now claim that in just the last few days they have detected the syrian military moving some of its chemical weapon components. syria does have stockpiles of such weapons. our president warned there will be a serious price to pay if those weapons turn up on a battlefield. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command the world is watching the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> shepard: the president stopped short of saying what steps the united states would take should the syrian regime actually cross the red line. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour.
4:33 pm
james rosen is live for us at the state department tonight. james, what could the united states do should syria well move the weapons around and actually move them? >> and cross that red line. well, shep, the fact is that the options for the obama administration in syria would remain somewhat limited. the movement of these weapons all known to u.s. intelligence was first reported in the "new york times." officials confirmed it to fox news if president assad uses these weapons, american retaliatory options could range from subversive covert actions to the arming of syrian rebels to the direct use of force. >> their actions against their own people have been tragic but there is no doubt that there is line between even the horrors that they have already inflicted on the syrian people and moving to what would be internationally condemned step
4:34 pm
of utilizing their chemical weapons. >> that was secretary clinton speaking in prague today but keeping it vague as you saw shep as to what washington might do about it. >> this isn't the first time that the president and the secretary of state have drawn this red line. >> no, it's not. and critics of the obama administration warn that setting such a high bar to greater u.s. involvement in that conflict, namely the waging of chemical war by a nation against its own citizenry could be sending the assad regime the wrong message. >> it sort of suggests or implies that anything up to this red line we're not going to take action. and i think it will be disheartening for that reason to the syrian opposition because as we said, shep, 40,000 people have been killed and i think they will will look at this and say, well, you know, how many more people would need to be killed before the international community decides to take action putting aside the question of the chemical weapons. >> now, the fighting in syria has gotten so bad that the united nations announced today it is withdrawing all of its nonessential personnel.
4:35 pm
about 25 of the remaining 100 u.n. staff who are still in the country expected to be out by week's end, shep. >> shepard: james rosen at the state department. north korea is at it again. set to launch a wrong rage rocket within days, second of the year. that's the word from the north korean government. in fact, crews crews have repory moved part of that rocket to a launch pad. u.s. investigators say the creeive regime is likely using launches as a sort of cover for testing missiles that can actually hit the united states. a launch last april was a real dud. the rocket broke apart and pell into the ocean shortly after liftoff. now other nations, including near china and russia are urging the north koreans don't follow through with another launch. saying this would violate united nations security council restrictions. well, it's now early morning in egypt and the nation is bracing for a day of potentially enormous demonstrations against the president's recent power grab there protesters have been rallying against president
4:36 pm
mohammed morsi for two weeks ever since he granted himself near absolute authority. a few days ago. lawmakers who support morsi hastily drafted and then passed a brand new constitution that could strengthen his grip. keep in mind president morsi of egypt has a lot of followers. he won a democratic election earlier thisser i don't. he is effectively making himself a dictator and the fact point to exactly that today 11 of egypt's largest newspapers suspended all operations over upcoming referendum vote. steve harrigan live in cairo for us. steve? >> shepard, these opposition protesters behind me on tahrir square are calling for people to marchionne the presidential palace tomorrow. that raises a clear possibility of conflict with supporters of president morsi around that presidential palace it will also be a real test of the opposition's numbers. we saw them peak out last week
4:37 pm
here at the square at 250,000. right now at 2:30 in the morning. probably fewer than a thousand people out there. in the meantime egypt's highest court the supreme constitutional court continues not work. their courthouse is surrounded by several thousand protesters who are loyal to the egyptian president. interior ministry says it is safe for those judges to enter and exit into the court house. the judges themselves don't think so. they say he are psychologically and physically intimidated by the chanting crowd. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan live this tuesday morning in cairo. the obama that administration strongly credit sized plan to build more of those controversial settlements on territory that the palestinians claim is theirs. israel on friday announced it will move ahead with plans to build thousands of new homes in the west bank and in east jerusalem. that came just one day after the united nations voted to grant palestinians limited understood. britain, france and three other european nations have already condemned the plan to
4:38 pm
build these settlements. today the white house said it would be especially damaging to any hope of an israeli palestinian peace plan. former presidential candidate mitt romney has a new job. he is joining the board of drernghts of the hotel chain marriott international. he shouldn't have to take time learning the ropes because he has previously spent more than a deck quaid on the border of that company. in a statement he said it's an honor to serve and quote support the work of the tens of thousands of associates who make marriott international the renowned success it is. governor romney has kept a pretty low profile since the election. but last week he had lunch with president obama at the white house. it's been more than a month now since super storm sandy unleashed a surge of water that destroyed neighborhoods upon neighborhoods along the east coast. all these weeks later we are feeling the effects of the storm. how sandy really flattened the economy. and what did america's children do to deserve this? fox reports on a program that
4:39 pm
will require students in several states to spend hundreds more hours in school each year. plus the new plan to save a small town doctor from extension. --ti extinction. that is a cust. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office.
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>> shepard: a u.s. coast guardsman is dead after a showdown with mexican drug smugglers off the coast of california. the 34-year-old chief petty officer died of head trauma after his boat was rammed by a chase boat. another guard was hurt in that incident. now two'side smugglers are said to be in custody as of air time for the fox report tonight. there is real life trouble in the town for hbo vampire setting true blood now in the town of doyleine louisiana where they film some of the they are dealing with 6 million pounds of explosives. cops say some company that recycles some military
4:43 pm
explosives illegally stored piles and piles. it forced the evacuation of 400 people. >> he i christmas lights. guess what i'm not at home. >> hard to find somewhere you ain't got the resources to really put yourself up nowhere. >> shepard: crews are now in the process of moving those explosives state police say an officer stumbled on the stash after a small explosion sparked an investigation. >> following up on that explosion asked to see the rest of the property and actually walked back to the back end of it, went into one of the buildings and through an open door he saw something that disturbed him. he went in and looked out the window. it was everywhere. >> it doyline town coping with vampires, wear wolves and of course, zooky. new york is asking the federal government now for tens of billions of dollars in disaster aid to recover from super storm sandy.
4:44 pm
today the new york governor personally requested help from leaders on capitol hill. people in his state are still reeling. >> new york needs help. and new york has been there for other parts of the country when they have needed help and that's what we are asking for the same today. and so far i'm optimistic. >> president obama is expected to formally request -- i should say request recovery aid from congress this week. analysts say it's likely to be less than the $42 billion that the new york governor is seeking. >> well, when sandy plowed into the northeast coast, it destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. causing tens of billions of dollars in damage. but the storm, which had such a terrible impact on some parts of the economy opened up opportunities in other parts. gerri willis is here from fox business network. you she natural disaster after natural disaster. some take a hit and some get a boost. >> car sales big boost, 20,000 to 30,000 vehicles. i have got to tell you november sales overall looks mighty gadd no matter where
4:45 pm
you were. five year high. honda sales up 39%. exoit up 17. domestic producers not so much. bmw saw 45% increase. >> bmw. >> year over year. >> got to be construction boom given all the destruction we have seen. >> highest in three years. commerce department says it's not mostly sandy. it's other stuff. we are expecting home building to have the first positive impact on construction this year since 2005 think about that that's very good news. sandy will have a impact next month. >> haven't been able to get in there much yet. >> that's right. >> gerri willis, good to see you. >> good to see. >> you there is a shortage of small town doctors, anybody in a small town knows that national health fewer than 10% practice in rural areas. even though a quarter of the u.s. population lives there but medical schools are trying to reverse the trend. alicia acuna with more on that from our rockie mountain
4:46 pm
newsroom. >> hi, shep. this is an idea in the works by the university of kansas medical school. they have opened up satellite campus small town educating future dock norris a place where they will see patients. these medical students in salina kansas are pioneers. >> it's a great feeling because we are doing something that nobody has done before. >> attending what may be the smallest school in the country to offer a full four year medical program, just 16 students so far. >> i think we already are a model, largely and i think, you know, the sky is the limit for what we could do here. >> the hope is this branch of the university of kansas middle school will become much more to this town of 50,000. >> we believe that by training physicians in smaller communities, they will bond to those smaller communities and return to those smaller communities when their training is done. >> nationwide, there is an average of 250 doctors for every 100,000 people. >> in north central kansas
4:47 pm
where salina is located is about 150 per 100,000. >> as older doctors retire, the shortage of rural american doctors is expected to get worse. two kansas counties have no doctor at all. some medical students set out with the intent to set up practice in small towns but things change once they arrive in the urban schools. >> they get to the big city. they meet a perspective spouse. they get married. they start networking with physicians in that metropolitan area. >> but the students we talked to say they like the idea of the small town life and the career that goes with it. they also like the idea of helping out these communities that really need them. help? >> alyssia alicia acuna in denver, thanks. thousands of students will be spending a lot more time in school. five states today announced a plan to add at least 300 hours to the school year. this involves a total of 40 schools in colorado, tennessee, new york, massachusetts and connecticut. it's a three-year pilot
4:48 pm
program set to start next school year. officials say the goal is to make american schools more competitive with schools in asia and europe. we're way behind in all the 300 hours added up to about two extra months of class. or schools could add a little more than an hour and a half to etch eexisting school day. each individual school will decide how that school should add in the extra hours. many from the feds and states and private programs will help pay for the extra hours. >> we have heard the warnings for years. scammers are tout target senior citizens. now we may know why. it turns out it's all about the senior citizens' brain and what older folks are missing that could keep them from spotting a scam. plus, if you have been putting off a flu shot you could be running out of time. doctors say flu season is hitting early and hitting very hard. the warning coming up.
4:49 pm
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>> it appears now there is a reason con artists and scammers seem to target old people and why it works so often. there is a new study that suggests elderly folks have a much more difficult time distinguishing what might actually become a scam. according to researchers a certain part of the elderly brain or of the brain, i should say, helps us pick up subtle clues that somebody might be not trust worthy. ensign sear smiles. lack of eye contact. as we get older that part of the brain that tells us something smells fishy doesn't work as well. scientists say that makes elderly more vulnerable. john roberts with all the details from atlanta. hey, john. >> hey, shep. researchers the ucla say this is less about age related
4:53 pm
cognitive decline and more about how our emotional perception changes over time. centered in an area of the brain called insular core cortex. the part of the brain that registers disgust. two groups one average age 23. one average age 68 and showed them pictures of people who looked like they were untrustworthy and here is what they found when they put those people in an mri. in the younger brain the area of that cortex that registered disgust lit up like a warning sign. stop, don't go any further. in the older brains it didn't register at all it was just like those untrustworthy people looked library anyone else. researchers don't know why structural problems or shrink damage in that area. shelly taylor, as people get older they tend to lose that gut feeling something is wrong. >> if you are not getting that signal, it's not figuring into your decision-making. you could falsely believe that a pitch of some kind is a good
4:54 pm
one when, in fact, it is really bad and a younger adult would have no difficulty seeing that. >> now, taylor whose own father was taken for $17,000 in a financial scam says that this all starts with people in their mid 50s with so many baby boomers now retiring, living longer and having to plan their retirement for decades, shep, this could be a huge problem going forward. >> shepard: sounds like it. john roberts in atlanta. thanks. flu season has begun nearly a month earlier than projected and they tell us it could be one of the worst flu seasons in years. so goes the reporting of the centers for disease control and prevention in atlanta. officials there say the number of confirmed flu cases is already higher than normal in the five states you see here in yellow. they say it's not clear why there is a spike this year. but the officials report more than a third of americans have already gotten their flu shots. a nasa scientist recently told a reporter the mars rover has dug up something for the history bks. turns out nasa's history books have exceedingly dull.
4:55 pm
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4:59 pm
it's down to three finalists we learned today for the most prestige just for football. the first texas a&m football johnny football johnny men zell. the kansas quarterback -- kansas state quarterback collin cline and north name linebacker manti te' o. >> klein would be the first win from her kansas state. and te-o would be the first defense only player to win. none day in 1992. telecommunications engineer in great britain sent the send button and fired off the world's first text message. working on mobile messaging project for a european cell phone company. that first message wasn't like the ones we send now it came from a pc to one of those huge old clunker school phones because regular phones didn't have the capacity to send messages back then. the first text went to the


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